University of Cape Town UCT Acceptance Rate

University of Cape Town UCT Acceptance Rate

There are slightly over 5400 places for incoming first year undergraduates at the University of Cape Town. The University gets roughly over 20000 applications, much less than the University of the Witswatersrand. They accept more students than they have places, so maybe around 5-7% of students who apply are accepted. I can’t attest to the accuracy of these figures because I’m not entirely sure but this is generally what we are told during the first week at the University at the Orientation (induction) events.

Depends on your degree.

Degrees like health sciences , EBE and science are a little more difficult to get into. (Really depends , if it’s a highly sought degree, it will be difficult)

If you have the recommended amount of points and a reasonable NBT score you will get in.

If you receive a conditional offer based on your trial exams then do your best to maintain or improve it. If you don’t do that , your chances of getting in will decrease.

In the Engineering and built environment faculty​ under 1000 students got accepted from over 10000. Some faculties like medicine and law can be harder to get into and others like humanities can are slightly easier. In general I’d say 1 in 10 but the prospectus gives you a good indication of the kind of grades you need to get in.


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