University of Cape Town Short-term International Programmes 

University of Cape Town Short-term International Programmes

UCT welcomes you to engage in an invaluable opportunity to study, research and explore South Africa whilst participating in a short academic programme. Global Short Academic Programmes (GSAP) at the University of Cape Town’s International Office (IAPO) provides customised short courses to international delegates.  The programmes are designed in accordance with specialised topics to cover a broad range of strategic academic areas  that are innovative, relevant and educative incorporating a multidisciplinary or discipline-focused approach within the African and global context.

Some of the current stakeholders include:

  • Strategic partners of the global north
  • Students fulfilling an accreditation requirement for their home institution (the accreditation is awarded by their home institution)
  • African partners in relevant disciplines
  • High level International organisations
  • Corporate and executive programmes
  • Government delegates

The following services are provided:
•    Customised programmes tailored to the stakeholders needs
•    Identifying and facilitating customised programmes and curriculum design.
•    Sourcing academic experts in key areas
•    Programme implementation and delivery including elements of service learning
•    Arranging teaching venues, accommodation, access to UCT’s campus and facilities
•    Highly specialised excursions to heritage and popular sites in Cape Town and other locations in South Africa.
•    Service learning opportunities

Examples of current programmes are:

  • United Nations Leadership programmes,  United Nations Systems Staff College
  • HIV/AIDS:  John Hopkins University
  • South African History, Politics : York University, UK
  • Cape Town Gentrification: Colgate University
  • South African Heritage – California State University
  • IARU Global Summer Program

Programme costs:

The programme is costed in terms of the needs of the programme, scope and duration, courses, number of students as well as additional services required.  Programmes can range from one day to six weeks, however depending on the feasibility it could be longer.  It must be noted that currently the courses offered are not credit bearing, however a certificate may be awarded and this is dependent on an agreement prior to the implementation of the programme.


Ms Nicola Latchiah
Manager: Global Short Academic Programmes
Telephone: +27 (0)21 6505056/1793/4935
SKYPE: Nicola.latchiah1

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