University of Cape Town Housing

University of Cape Town Housing

Commercial Enterprises is a unit in Student Housing & Residence Life (SH&RL) at the University of Cape Town (UCT). It comprises of All Africa House, Vacation Accommodation, Staff Housing and commercial property.

This unit does not provide term accommodation. Please view the SH&RL section of the UCT site for student term accommodation.

All Africa House

Dedicated B&B, offering accommodation to visiting academics and post graduate students throughout the year.

Staff Housing

Staff Housing’s main priority to provide short to medium term accommodation for new permanent academics, visiting academics as well as new senior permanent non-academic staff members.

Vacation Accommodation

Offers accommodation to UCT students, non-UCT Sport and Conference Groups as well as Holiday Makers using the existing student accommodation. For more details , please click here.

Off Campus Student Accommodation Service (OCSAS)

The OCSAS office is your first step in finding accommodation outside the UCT residence system. As part of our service, we provide comprehensive information and guidance on off campus accommodation.

Commercial property

Some of SH&RL property is available for rent to private individuals for business purposes, leased at competitive rates. This includes shops along the main road as well as garages at a few of the University’s residences. For more information contact Mr Peter Coode (021 650 1049).

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